LCD Soundsystem’s Electric Lady Sessions and Live Studio Albums

LCD Soundsys­tem released Elec­tric Lady Ses­sions last Fri­day. The album is a live stu­dio record­ing, mean­ing, the band played the songs togeth­er the way they would at a show, the show just hap­pens to take place in a stu­dio (Jimi Hendrix’s famed Elec­tric Lady Stu­dios).

The album cap­tures the ener­gy of a live per­for­mance and the evo­lu­tion of the songs since they were first released — with­out the crum­my live mix and crowd noise that often accom­pa­nies a live record­ing. I’d like to see more bands release record­ings like this. LCD Soundsytem has done this once before with Lon­don Ses­sions in 2010, which I total­ly missed.

02/15/2019 9:55 pm

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